Cradle Cap Treatment recommendations

We’re currently using dentinox shampoo but doesn’t seem to be lifting yet. Any recommendations on what’s worked for you? Thank you
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With my son I used olive oil and a comb to comb it out. It doesn’t hurt them and it’s super satisfying. My daughter had it on her forehead again used olive oil and and cotton but and it just wiped off x

I was told to not use anything and it will get better.

We got an oil you leave on overnight and wash off the following day, then regularly brushing her hair/scalp with a soft brush and it cleared it up pretty well - we’ve had to do it twice because it came back but it was about 6 weeks between x

Coconut oil that shampoo ain’t going to help

@Shamaila who told you that?!

Coconut oil leave it to soak in and then gently brush/comb it out with a soft brush

What is cradle cap?

I use coconut oil and let it sit for about 20 min before her bath and then shampoo out with a silicone scrubber.

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