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I have a 3 month old that’s only ever been breastfed and he doesn’t like bottles or formula and won’t really take breast milk out of a bottle Either. What can I do ?
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I had the same issue with my LO. He is almost 8mo and just started taking a bottle recently. Tips: - use a narrow neck bottle. Pigeon soft touch bottle if possible. - I've read a lot about goat milk formula being closer to breastmilk but haven't tried it personally. - we tried nan pro and failed. Tried biostime and it took a lot of time to get used to the taste. I used to put the formula in every meal of bub so he could get used to the taste. - get your partner or someone else to give the bottle because the bub is not gonna take it from mum. - try giving the bottle at different times of the day and you never know they might start taking it at some point. - try giving different types of liquid in the bottle like water, breastmilk, formula or juice. Just keep trying, it will take time and patience but eventually they will start drinking out of the bottle. A lot of comments I got was to give formula out of a sippy cup but it's so much easier if bub takes the bottle. All the best!

Can’t really provide any advice, just here to say I am having the same issue with my three month old! I don’t know what your LO does when you try to give him a bottle e.g. screws his nose up, cries, etc? But I’ve recently found that my LO is a lot calmer when you try to give her the bottle in a bouncer, rather than holding her. She just doesn’t seem to have the skill to suck the bottle, as she chews the end. I keep getting told persistence is key! I’ve also been advised that using a nipple shield can help transition smoother, however this didn’t work for me either.

It took 1-2 months of trying for my baby to take a bottle successfully without crying/taking a long time to latch! It’s a whole other skill that they have to practise. We started by offering breast milk in the bottle so the smell is familiar, try to feed in a different position to how you breastfeed (eg. In a rocker), let someone else feed them who doesnt have milk in their breasts, feed them when drowsy, dont try a bottle when they are starving/upset (they will just get more & more upset) & finally we tried a faster flowing nipple like teat. Keep trying once a day & remember its a whole new skill so it’ll take them time to learn & be okay with. :)

By 4mo they can start some light solids. I used to mix what I had frozen into his baby oatmeal. He refused it if it weren't from me and it was a struggle at daycare at first. leave the room or house and let someone else give it to them. If still won't, try same thing with formula. My ton would only drink from a straw 🙄

Is this an issue? My baby is breastfed and has never tried a bottle.

I use a bottle to top by exclusively BF baby up at night with EBM and have found the Pigeon soft touch II doesn’t affect her feeding. I think also making sure the milk is the right temperature.

@Jessica I guess it circumstantial. I exclusively BF, but express if I need to go to appointments so dad can feed or for top ups at night.

Oh yeah. I've only gone out for short appointments so far, or she comes with me. Will definitely be trying a bottle in the future so I can go out for longer and not stress so much!

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