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What do you feed your little ones to fill them up and keep them satisfied? My daughter is always asking for snacks and “something nice” (thanks for that one Grandma!). She’s quite fussy as are a lot at this age, I’m sure, but it makes it difficult to know she’s had a good meal. She prefers plain food and it all to be separated on the plate which is also a pain 😞 We sit at the table for dinner as a family so she can see that Mummy and Daddy are eating their dinner but when I say “would you like to try some” she just replies “no thanks”. Grateful for ideas, resources you’ve found helpful or a typical day of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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For breakfast we have been doing either Weetabix with milks, Greek yogurt, fruit and flaxseeds Or egg on wholemeal toast with fruit on the side Lunch tends to be a bit of everything, meat or pizza, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers. Dinner we all tend to eat the same, unless it’s spicy 😂 We struggle at the moment as well with her wanting ‘treats’! So at the moment she is on rations and healthy options! We have said to my parents that we are stopping ‘treats’, their response was ‘don’t worry you can have lots of treats at nanny and grandpa’ 🙈

Thanks Sophia

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