Is anyone else finding that there LO drinks significantly less throughout the night. During the day he usually clears 6oz so we carried on giving 6oz throughout the night but he’s only seeming to drink about 4oz on average. Are people giving less milk at night time? Or carrying on with the same amount they give during the day?
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our baby does this too so we spoke to health visitor and now give an extra oz before bed time, she sleeps 6-7 hours around 10-4/5 then wakes up for a feed and tends to take almost all of it now then she’ll go back down and get up for the day around 7:30/8, has another bottle (she’s on 7oz) then has her wake window and another nap, we’ll carry on with the 7oz bottles every 3-4 hours sometimes 5 if she’s sleeping then give the 8oz bottle before putting her down at 10ish x

Ah glad I’m not the only one, I was getting a hit apprehensive about it. How old is your little one? Did the health visitor say you needed to be concerned at all of to just do as you are?

10 weeks on saturday!! No she said that baby was probably just starting to begin to recognise day and night and drinking less through the night so she doesn’t poo etc xx

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