Changed after feed

Does anyone know what these blotches are, they’re flat and red and white, baby isn’t fussy, but her skin all over her body has turned into this after feeding (don’t know if I noticed it more then)…I’ve googled and I don’t know what it’s called so can’t find it, and docs have no appointments… has anyone seen/had this with their baby?
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Strange that your doctor wouldn’t see your baby. My GP always ensures to see small children that day if the mother is concerned.

@Lesley thank you I think that may be it

My little one’s arms and legs have looked like this every time that get a tiny bit cold since he stopped being jaundiced after he was born. His legs especially when his nappy is changed x

My baby has this, I saw the HV yesterday, she said it’s very normal for Caucasian babies skin to look like this and not to worry.

Mottled skin, could mean cold but can also mean more like dehydrated and more please take to drs if any other symptoms x

@Becky i second this. We spent 2 weeks in NICU after birth and the doctors reassured us this was just because he is Caucasian and not to worry at all

My LG gets this a lot It's nothing to worry about x

Thought it was circulation and if they are a little cold x

Thanks everyone that’s made me feel a bit better, doctors receptionists ‘lost’ her forms to get her registered with the GP so when we’ve finally needed an appointment for something they’ve said we’d have to wait for her to be registered and no appointment anyway, these replies make sense

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