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Is anyone else’s little one not really interested in food? She loves a purée and porridge but when I offer her broccoli, pasta etc for her to touch and experiment with she’s not intrested? So I just carry on with porridge and purées?
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Pretty much same here at 7 months. She’s not interested in feeding herself at all. I’m gradually making the purees chunkier and trying to give her some solid piece of food to hold and experiment with at least once a day.

My little one is the same but the opposite he won’t eat any puree and just wants finger food what I’m eating but I’m so scared to do it properly! They say milk is their main source of nutrition Until 1 then they need food so I wouldn’t worry too much yet! Maybe speak to health visitor if your really worried, if babe likes puree you could just do traditional weaning which is the purées but in the stages where the age builds up the pure gets more lumpier x

Same!! I’ve tried literally everything!! Cut out star shapes and everything and have tried all sorts of fruit veg etc and nothing 😞 he will seal his mouth shut, will play with the food but never takes it to his mouth… but when I mash up veg etc and feed with a spoon he loves it!! Its so frustrating

Mine is similar to Grace! She won’t open her mouth for a spoonful of purées but will happily put finger foods in her mouth. I don’t think she eats much of it at all though and she gagged and threw up earlier eating some avocado. The only thing she actually really likes is the Ella’s kitchen melty sticks 😩

@Shayne Exactly the same loves the melty sticks but isn’t keen on anything else just gags🤦🏼‍♀️

@Shayne omg same!!!!! Up until today my little girl has refused the spoon every time, will do the same with finger food but doesn’t swallow much at all, but she’s MAD for the melty sticks 🤣 i genuinely thought she would never let me feed her but seem to have made a little bit of progress today finally 🤞🏻🤣 xx

@Gemma what did you give her today?! I’m running out of ideas! She did let me give her custard but she can’t really live off of melty sticks and custard. Can’t blame her for wanting to though 🤣x

Update… had some progress tonight 😊 I would personally persevere if I were you as seems it was just a phase going off the finger foods… entirely up to you. Most of the time I do combination anyway… so finger foods with some mashed food on the side.. my lo has progressed and is off very smooth purées so I mash food up but he also picked up parsnips tonight. Another trick I learned is to put some melty puffs alongside the other food xx

Also don’t panic, I started getting a bit stressed but remember “food under one is just for fun” xx

Mine is the same to! Hopefully, she'll turn a corner soon 🙏

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