Dry patches on baby’s legs

I’ve noticed my 5m old has little dry patches on his legs by touch, however the skin just looks normal like nothing is wrong. I’ve started moisturising his legs everyday. Anyone know what this is?
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Do you pump? You could try giving a milk bath with your breast milk, it may help with moisturising and potentially taking care of whatever it may be. Maybe get it checked by a doctor?

Could just be where he his rubbing on his clothes throughout the day. Moisturising is a good idea for sure, just make sure its not perfumed. If you ask the doctors you can maybe get something on prescription. QV cream is good for minor dryness

We have the same. No ideas what it is. Saw the nurse as our LO also has eczema and was told to use the same cream or any topical moisturiser or leave it...

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