No sign of milk

37 weeks + 4 days and no sign of milk at all. I’m afraid to start hand expressing because I don’t want to induce labor but I’m also worried my milk isn’t planning to join the party. I’m a member of the itty bitty committee and honestly haven’t changed ranking much since getting pregnant. I’m worried my breast size will hinder my ability to produce for my baby.. Idk if that’s even a thing “small boobs = less milk?” 🤷🏼‍♀️
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They say breast milk doesn’t come in until you actually give birth

Mine never came in until the day I gave birth for my last four kids. I breastfed for 18 months. Don’t worry it will come in.

Is it your first? Your milk usually won't come in till you give birth with your first. 2nd 3rd and so on pregnancies, you will have it come in sooner, especially if they are close together.

My friend is an A cup and actually overproduced milk after birth!

Get the tea that helps you produce

Boob size is not related to milk production. Milk usually doesn't come in until after baby is born. You giving birth is what triggers your body to start producing.

Don't stress- it will come. Your body will start producing once the baby comes. Usually by day 3 your milk will really come in and your boobs will be huge.. I think I jumped two cup sizes over night with my first

I started hand expressing at 36 weeks and I haven’t had any issues with it causing contractions or inducing labor in any way!

I started hand expressing a couple days ago and I have been able to make colostrum! No signs of premature labor. I think once you are 36/37+ weeks it’s definitely okay to try it out.

Your milk doesn’t come in until after your placenta detaches and you deliver it. Your brain then sends signals to your body to start producing milk. Usually around 3-5 days after giving birth your milk will come in. Prior to this you are making colostrum (starting at around 12-18 weeks in your pregnancy) which is what your baby will eat while your milk matures. Some women leak colostrum while pregnant and others don’t. Regardless it’s not an indication of your milk supply and breast size isn’t either.

I promise you small boobs has nothing to do with milk supply. I was an aa cup, had an oversupply, and breastfed my first one until he was almost 4! I'm an A cup now (I grew a tiny bit this pregnancy haha) so almost no change lol but feeding is about supply and demand. The best way to have a good supply is to latch the baby as often as possible and stay fed and hydrated!!

I completely agree with Katie

35 weeks 4 days second pregnancy my milk just started to come out two days ago !!

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