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Hi Mums! I hope you and the bubs are doing amazing 💗 I am prepping for starting my bub on solids and was looking for sturdy hair chair recommendation that can have suction plates attached to them! Thank you xx
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Sounds silly, but honestly the ikea ones I think are great. Never had an issue with it moving around, easy to clean, and light to move about if needed and easy on the hip pocket too. I tried out a friends plush mcdaddy kind of chair and honestly much fathered the ikea one. Just when they are smaller I had a little pillow behind my son to fill the space. Anyway, good luck!

The Ikea ones are nice and simply. I used them. I also had a lovely wooden high chair. For my older kids. I had twins last year and we have the ingenuity ones that can be placed on a regular dining chair. We also have 2x little camper higher chairs that we take and can also be put on a regular dining chair...or picnic table or whatever and love those for when we're out and about

Ikea ones are so good. I spent huge amount of money on the expensive ones which were nice but my little one hardly ever sat on them. The ikea one is cheaper but serves the purpose very well. Also, my baby loves it

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