Just need to vent!

I love being a mum! My child is my number one priority! I swear my husband thinks I sit on my fucking ass all day, he doesn't realise how demanding it is to look after a baby every day! He constantly nags me about the house not being perfectly tidy! I do what I can, when I can! It's his house too, why doesn't he just do it himself rather than bitching about me not doing it! His line is always "I've been in work all day". I thought we were supposed to be a team! Just feeling like I'm not good enough and all he does is point out the negatives! I've talked to him about it a few times but we just go round in circles! Sorry just needed to get it off my chest! 😡
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Could have written this myself.

Is either that or..”you just have 1, look how other women can do it having 2 or 3 kids more” 😒

@Dayanna it's hard no matter how many kids you have!

On his next day off - go out ALL day .. come home, moan about how the house looks etc and then see how he likes it x

I wouldn’t “talk”…I would set out a whole Saturday for me to go out, leave him w baby AND a list of chores for him, simple things. See if he can get it all done by the time you get home 💁🏻‍♀️ give him a taste of your medicine. Coz actions speak louder than words with alot of men

@Kellie Yep! My husband was starting to make comments etc.. one Sunday (our only day together) I got up before him, left him a note saying I was off to see my dad for the day and a list of things that usually got done during the day.. I.e the washing, tidying up, sorting out the kids stuff, giving kids breakfast & lunch, wiping down the bathrooms , vacuuming… by the time he got home he just looked at me and said ‘I’m so sorry’ and ordered us a takeaway that evening 🤣 he didn’t find it harsh, he just understands better that way.. we now have a understanding that he has a list of things to do.. turns out he’s a man who actually likes lists!

@Jemima that’s great! Yep it worked for me and some friends of mine. Men don’t know how hard it is until they are put in that position themselves. I did it by accident, on a gfs bday at 3m pp. Gave him a list and when I got home he said “How Tf do you manage to get everything done?! I spent half the time feeding and rocking baby to sleep” (coz he was EBF, he normally sleeps quick on boob)🤣🤣 And, we get a day off mothering! It’s a win-win result all around 😂🙌

My daughter is nearly 19 months and i dont think my partner realised until i took on a christmas temp job and worked weekends where he was home with the toddler and must have realised how hard it is. Once i got home was when he would stick a wash on and do pots lol. You just need to make sure its the other way around. Leave him with the child whilst youre out and he will Soon realise how hard it is and stop complaining cc

Men just don’t get it!

All it took was an overnight shift lol. I do the bedtime routine any wake ups at night. Basically 9:30pm to 4:30pm next day. He helps a few hrs in the evening. It was friday night i said you know what you got this. When i tell you i felt a hand on arm and a whisper why is he screaming its 2am. I said bottle rock him change diaper good luck. The whole next day BABE IT WAS AWFUL. HE CRIED HE WOKE UP EVERY OTHER HR. He went on and on im so tired how horrible it was. I just said huh wow really it was terrible hmm. I vote with the other ladies give him a rude awakening and say oh poor you didnt sleep didnt get anything done crazzzy how that works. Step out let him get a taste it always humbles them

Ask him to look after the baby from 9-5 at the weekend then ask him if it was hard work or not

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