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Hey all, I read babies 1-6 months take 90-120ml per feed 8 times a day. My little one has up to 160ml twice a day but sometimes only has 7 feeds.. anyone else finding their baby has more than recommended amount? (btw I’m breastfeeding and expressing so I know how much he gets when he has bottles 👌🏼)
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My little one has 150ml per feed and feeds about 6 times a day. I’m also breastfeeding and expressing so can only tell exact amount when it’s a bottle! She’s 8 weeks old. Everything I’ve read changes so from 6-8 weeks it said to increase to 150ml per feed. Sometimes she’ll only take 120ml but most of the time now she guzzles the 150! I was reading from 8-12 weeks it goes up to 180ml a feed but we’re not quite there yet!

We were on 120ml 6-7 times a day but found he was hungry again and hour or two later so been 8 bottles. We upped to 150 today, some he's guzzled down and some only drank 120. Various sites say different things but doesn't sound like too much to me. Tbf it a baby is hungry....it's hungry no matter what a website says they should have, it's just a general guidance

Thank you both. That’s helpful 😌 Do you find your little one sicks up more if they take too much?

He has reflux so is sicky anyways... He's now on omeprozole and I bought carobel to thicken it up. Seems to have helped and not as sick as much. He pushes the bottle away with his tongue or falls asleep when he's done so not always drinking a full bottle. Other times he's ravenous or wants another feed not long after. I think he's having a growth spurt ATM

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