Walks or play dates?? 🫶🏻

Hi girls!! I was wondering if any mums wanted to meet up for walks or play dates? I am a sahm to Evie who is 21 months, I don’t really have any friends in the area and it gets pretty lonely. I love coffee & being outdoors. Evie is really hyperactive and loves babies and toddlers all ages 🫶🏻
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Hey 👋🏻 I’m mum to Arabella who is a bit older at nearly 3. But we love to be outside too! ☺️

Hi, my little one is a bit younger (6 months) but Im always to go for walks or play dates😊

Hey! I have 16 month old!! We would love a play date/walk ♥️

Hey , I have a 16 month little boy and a 5 week old girl and would love someone to go on walks with or have a play date xx

Messaged you all girls! 🩷

Hi I'm new to the area with a 2 year old )9:3 walks and being outdoors with him, currently not working Fridays if anyone organises anything on that day!

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