Bouncing Baby Glow luton

Hi has anyone gone to this baby group? Do you recommend it? Thanks
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Hey mama! So I haven’t been to the Luton one as we’re in Hitchin. But we’ve been going to the Hitchin one for the last 5 weeks and we’ve LOVED it. Excellent for their sensory skills and bonding time. We’ve just signed him up for the next 5 classes 😊😊 I’d recommend it 😊😊

Hey i used to go to the one in woburn sands its a really good class glow in the dark for half of it the only downfall id say is that there only 30mins classes so literally goes so quick but you have to sign up for the whole 5 weeks and if you cant attend a session you can donate the session i stopped going now as i felt like it was a lot of effort for 30mins but again its still a good class xxx

I booked for this term but missed every session but on my way to today's one. I have heard and seen lots of good things though x

Yes I go reguarly. It is great fun!

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