Help 😭 she keeps lying on the same ear and now they look different?!

My girl is 3 weeks and has had a preference for which side she puts her head on since birth but now I’ve noticed it’s making her ear stick out more than the other as it often gets folded up when she lays on it. The first ear in the video is the one that she lays on and if you look closely it doesn’t have that extra fold on the inside like the other. What do I do? Will it fix itself? 😭
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honestly i wouldn’t worry. in a few months she will be learning to roll and will be sleeping in all kinds of different positions and it will even out. ps what an adorable baby!!🥰🥰

My youngest favored a side and we were eventually told to purposely lay her facing on the opposite side when we laid her down and bring the world to that side to encourage use of that side (when she’s laying talk from the side you want her to face etc.)

Omg she is gorgeous... I think it will all even out when she starts being more active moving around. I wouldn't worry about it. My little brother had a flat pat at the back of his head from where he had been lay down constantly and that sorted itself out. I wouldn't worry. Enjoy your beautiful girl!!! Congrats xx

Don’t worry it will correct itself as she grows. My little girls little toe was completely crossed over. She’s 5 months now and it’s gone completely normal xx

Thank you everyone. I’ve tried making her rest her head the other way but she just turns back after a couple minutes so Im just hoping it corrects itself when she’s a couple months

Oh sweetie. Irrelevant but She’s so pretty😭🥰

My son was like this too. His pediatrician did tell us that we needed to keep moving his head to the other side because it was starting to get flat on the side he preferred. She recommended us to put a pillow slightly behind his back to kinda tilt him the other way. We did this and it did help.

My boy had little elf ears for months because of this and being in the nicu for a week made it much worse! They’re completely normal now don’t worry x

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