Baby daddy does nothing

He acts dumb like he can’t change a nappy, he won’t feed him his pumped bottles and says ‘ he doesn’t like bottle ‘ so I cant rest.. he plays his games constantly, I ask him to bond with his son and place him beside him on the bed ( newborn ) and he turns away from him and goes on his phone. Men really ain’t shit by the seems of it. I paid for everything during pregnancy, he paid for my breast pump because I begged him to pay for SOMETHING. He then threatens to have my baby taken from me because I say I want to leave. But he won’t do shit for me or the baby, he got frustrated with me during labor during contractions and acted like HE was so tired- I was only in labor for 3 hours! He’s meant to be my boyfriend too.
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Girl he meant to be a BABY DADDY not even a boyfriend .. and he can’t get you baby taken what makes him think he can do that. MEN swear they can scare you girl that baby will be right with you. Even if you went to a shelter or a family member house. As long as you are safe the baby is safe. 💕

Document everything bad on dude, keep it just incase, and run away from that one. Men just say shit. And obviously if he had baby he wouldn't know what tf to do. Also court won't just take a baby away from its own mom without some serious reasoning

I see so many guys pretending they can't do things so they don't have to lol I hate that ,its honestly pretty pitiful ,but so common its crazy

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