Baby not smiling much 😢

My little girl is 8 weeks old tomorrow and she doesn’t smile much at all. We have to really work to get a smile out of her, I’m starting to think she hates me 😂 She was 5 weeks early so could this be part of the reason why? I know it’s silly but I worry she’s not a happy baby 😢
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It’s still early. Don’t worry your baby doesn’t hate you! My LG smiled once or twice at 7 weeks, a little more often at 8 weeks, and now at 10 weeks we get a few every day, but they still have to be coaxed out a bit. All babies are different, don’t take it personally 😊

@Ali thank you! I see so many posts of people talking about their 5/6 week old always smiling and I was starting to worry she wasn’t a happy baby! Thanks for the reassurance x

Also your baby being premature definately will mean that she might hit milestones a little later and that absolutely is ok ☺️☺️ I remember telling my husband I thought our first son hated me, but your brain definately tries to mess with you in those early days! Babies love you unconditionally ❤️❤️

Hi 👋 my baby is 9 weeks today and he was born 3 weeks early, just started to see the first smiles yesterday, your baby will soon start smiling 😊

You’re doing everything right mama ❤️ I get my smiles during changing time, I spend a long time trying and put a lot of work into it, it’s not easy ! Just I keep trying. The most random things get her ! Be as silly as you can be aha, that’s my only advice. But it’s tough, they are still so young ❤️ my girls 6 weeks. Her moody faces are definitely her most common !

My daughter is 8weeks tomorrow and she is smiling last 3weeks already !!!;)

My little boy is 11 weeks (5weeks early too) we have had two smiles! Don’t worry I’d all developmental and you should look at adjusted age

You will send yourself crazy comparing. I've been there. We are at 10 weeks - 6 weeks early and just about have a smirk 😂 no proper smiles. They will come though x

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