Hi all, I’m tracking my LH ready for ovulation. My app says I’m in my fertile window now. On 11th Feb my LH was 0.05, yesterday 0.46 but today 0.2! What is considered a peak for ovulation? It’s all so confusing!! Thank you 🫶🏻
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Everyone’s peak shows a different strength mine is usually around 1.60/1.70 x

Thank you! This is my first month using these as we weren’t trying at all however, I fell pregnant and had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and now I’m obsessed with TTC 😩 x

Are you using the premom app to track them? That should identify your peak for you. I wouldn't worry about what your app says re fertile period but go by LH sticks. Apps just give the average but it varies a lot from woman to woman. I didn't peak until cd31 (but I have pcos and very variable periods). In your first cycle tracking it can be difficult to know when you are approaching ovulation. Some women have a rapid peak so test twice a day or they might miss it.

I am using the premom app and it’s giving me numbers but they just seem so low. I’ve seen other posts with 1.8-1.9 LH but mine is 0.05, 0.15 and the highest 0.46 but my CM is egg white and has been for 2 days. I think I’ll test twice a day for a week and see. My app says I’ll ovulate on Sunday. I’ve used this app for 5+ years but never tracked my ovulation, just periods! It’s so confusing 🙈

Yes it is normal for them to be pretty low until you actually ovulate. I'll show you mine so you can see how low they were the rest of the time.

Thank you!! 🥰

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