Off work with sick toddler feels constant!

So I only started my job in September and my daughter started nursery the same time she goes in when I work. She's obviously been sick frequently since starting nursery and she's ill again so I've had to pre warn my manager that I may have to be off Thursday, Friday as its potentially hand foot and mouth it's going round the nursery atm! I feel like a useless bloody employee being off but she is my priority and I can't work from home I work in a care home! I'd love to give up work but I can't afford to 😩😩
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I’m looking to work from home for this reason… I’m already looking at other jobs because I’m so so worried I suffer really bad with a weak immune system so I’m a lil worried for my baby if they suffer too and if work are as bad as they are now im worried that I won’t be able to collect my child as they won’t let me leave

I work from home, I could not do my job while my LO was at home . If your kids are older and don't need constant supervision then it's a possibility. Don't worry about work, they surely understand that kids get sick at nursery and working in a care home they couldn't want you "bringing it" in there either!

I work at maccies and they rlly aren’t the most understanding

@Jai you'd think she would be understanding as she even has a grown up son but nope and I do get it in some ways you need to be reliable however my child comes before work! And I'm good at what I do so hoping that makes up for it in some ways 🙏🏼

hi i work as a support worker so i work in a care home and i’m struggling too currently as i have bad morning sickness and they see it as me being lazy and not wanting to come in but i genuinely can’t stand up sometimes after being sick it’s so annoying and for this reason i might start working from home

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