Need sleep

Does anyone else have huge anxiety over SIDS? I’ve always had anxiety about it, my toddler is 16 months old but lately it’s been so bad every night I’m up checking if she’s breathing. Doesn’t help that tik tok is showing me so many videos about it right now 🥺 I know there’s some ways I’ve read that can lower the risk like having a fan going, anything else ?
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It won’t happen to you. Focus your mind on Good things happening to ur LO. it won’t happen to your baby 😇

@Louisa Ty for the reassurance 🫶🏼

@Myra because when I had my first born. I wouldn’t sleep because I would worry about SIDS😭. And TikTok would show me more and more and I started living in panic. GOD Reminded me to keep my mind on things that are pure. Because we become what we think about! Since that day I snapped out of the obsession and enjoyed my motherhood ❤️

SIDS is a risk from the ages of 0-12 months, and peaks at around 2-4 months so i wouldn’t stress too much about it anymore 😊

STOP WATCHING THOSE TIKTOKS!!!! My IG, if I was to open it right now, contains food, fashion, dance, nails, hair, makeup, and some comedians on my feed. Stop scrolling through strangers’ reels and seeing triggering shit like that. SM can be make or break depending who you follow and what content you choose to watch. There is nothing triggering on my IG

@Kellie there’s nothing triggering on my ig either. A lot of tik tok is algorithm and I follow and watch lots of mom content and lots of moms post for awareness same with sleep safety and their experiences. But probably a good idea I start putting not interested when the videos pop up

@Myra yeah i don’t have TT I only have IG. So when I scroll down on on my feed it’s from accounts I already follow, I know their content. And if I wanna search something I can search it. My bestie has been nagging me to install TT but honestly I’m really happy w my IG. And yes hun, if you can do that (press not interested) then do. But sometimes it’s too late, you’ve already seen a bit of it 😬

SIDS is only a risk up until a year old, it then becomes something called SUDC (sudden unexplained death in childhood) but that covers children 1-18 and between 2013 and 2021 there was only 163 cases of which only 63 were under 4 years old. So the chances of it happening are so low. I'm much the same and will check my boy throughout the night especially when he decides to sleep belly down, it can be tough but try to remember especially at 16 months the risk is so minimal, it holds a similar risk to being killed by a shark attack.

@Rebecca tysm I know I’ve heard of older babies in their toddler years passing unfortunately but I was not aware that it was different from SIDS and was called SUDC. Thank you for educating me it definitely eases my stress

I had a problem with tick tock before on a certain subject. Someone told me there is a way you can reset what it shows you in your settings.

It’s really not a concern by 16 months. If her airways are blocked when she’s asleep she will wake up and/or move out of that position. Younger babies who don’t have great neck control and can’t roll over are at higher risk because they can’t move as well, but your toddler will be just fine! If you’re still worried you can use a sleep sack and hold off on putting pillows, stuffies and blankets in her crib til she’s older.

Hey mama, your bub is out of the SIDS age range. It’s a bigger threat to really little babies. Your little girl will be okay ❤️ you’re such a good mother for worrying. But I think you’re okay to rest now ❤️

@Annora Ty that’s so sweet❤️

@Myra Get some sleep ❤️ haha we’re both in California so I know it’s 20 minutes to 3 😅

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