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Hiya girls, I’m just starting to look at different prams and can’t believe how overwhelming it is 😂 I like the look of the Egg 2 and I’ve found one in really good condition on marketplace, but people say it’s bulky in a car boot?? I also like the Ocarro 🧐 I don’t need a whole travel system as I bought the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat separately x
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Following as I’ve never been so overwhelmed and clueless in my entire life !

We went to look at prams at the weekend and I left mama and papas crying because I just felt so overwhelmed and like I knew nothing 😅 but we then went to another shop and the lady was so helpful and we ended up going for the Oyster 3 travel system. We hadn’t even looked at that one online but we tried a few out and it seemed the best one in our budget xx

We've gone for the Icandy peach 7 in coco - I found it easy to fold, lift and push with a good height handle as I'm 5,9. Car seat we have chosen is maxi cosi pebble xx

I liked the egg, but you have to take it apart to fold down into the car. I then looked at the oyster 3 which is made by the same company as egg, just diff brand name. They do their similar colours and it folds down as one. We loved it and went for that instead but upgraded the car seat to the cybex x

I would recommend trying to find somewhere that has a big selection of different brands and then you can have a go at feeling what they actually feel like to use, put down etc. We got down to two and the swaying factor was whether it fit in our car or not - one did, one didn’t 😂 It also helped me to have a sales assistant who was really knowledgeable and could help me with the features amongst the different prams and almost compare them for me 😂 for example they would say “this prams weighs x amount whereas this one weighs x” or “this has heavier steering whereas this one is lighter” If you then wanted to look for second hand, you’d know exactly which one suited you, because you’ve tried it in store somewhere else 🥰😁

We’ve gone for the mama’s & papa’s Ocarro! So excited, being delivered beginning of April! Have only heard good things about it!

We got the Bugaboo Dragonfly but I have returned it as there has been lots of issues with the wheels. Is it so hard to find a one hand fold, all terrain buggy? I feel like it doesn’t exist

I've gone for a bugaboo and love it

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