Symptoms coming and going?

Currently 5+3 and it feels like my symptoms are coming and going. Throughout the day I will have breast tenderness and then it will completely disappear for a few hours and then come back. Having random waves of nausea but no actual sickness. Is anyone else the same? Really really struggling with anxiety due to 2 mc’s last year…. Is anyone else experiencing the same?
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I'm 5+2 I have very sore boobs and my nipples have been hard for weeks. Was VERY hungry for the last couple weeks but since Sunday it had subsided. I was also extremely exhausted but that has seems to subside. Felt a little nauseous when I woke up this morning but I had some yogurt and felt better after. Also feel some tension every now and again where cramps would usually be. Everyone had different symptoms and different bodies and if you can, speak to your midwife she will be able to reaasure you 😊 Perhaps ask for some progesterone and baby dose aspirin 😊

I've just posted hopefully this will bring you some reassurance! I was the exact same but today saw a heartbeat! X

Yes my symptoms come and go, but don't worry about not actually having sickness. With my first baby I had no nausea or anything at all, just sore bigger boobs. I'm 4 weeks today so nothing else yet.

Thanks everyone for your lovely replies! Reassuring to hear others experiences. I’m currently on progesterone, aspirin and blood thinning injections and just feeling extra emotional today🥲 With my previous mc’s I have lost symptoms right before so I feel like I’m on high alert… I have an early scan next week at 6+4 so hopefully there will be a heartbeat and that will ease some of the anxiety. I’m finding it hard to even focus at work.

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