Tall girl maternity wear

Any brand recommendations for taller girls? I’m 5”10 and all the jeans are cutting off higher than I’d like 🙃
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Long tall sally is the only one I found. Unfortunately shops do either maternity fit or tall fit but no option to have both

I’m the same height and I’ve found new look to be okay! I’ve got a pair of floaty work trousers from there and a pair of jeans. The jeans are above the ankle but I don’t mind that. The trousers fit well and come to the top of my shoe. As long as you don’t mind things being a bit shorter than the pictures online then they’re a good option. It’s like they don’t think tall people get pregnant in most shops though 🤦🏻‍♀️

Lovall! They have the options for tall and even extra tall for their everyday maternity leggings. As a tall girl myself I absolutely love them

@Annie thank you!! Xx

@Becca soooo true. Then again not all brands are inclusive with tall options even when we aren’t pregnant 🙃 xx

River island do long leg in maternity jeans

Wouldn’t believe it myself, if I hadn’t tried, but M&S. They do most trousers in short, medium, long and the long option is so long; even I (6ft) sometimes find it too long. Haven’t tried maternity wear btw, just regular ones, fits well if you go a size or two up on trousers

Mamalicious go up to 34 leg - https://www.mamalicious.com/en-gb/clothes/jeans?length=34

@Holly omg thank you!!!

@Emily thank you!!! ♥️

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