How do we feel about specifying presents that our little ones are to receive on their birthday?

I don’t want to end up with a load of tat and toys in my house and would prefer he receive specific things/a deposit into his bank account. Is it distasteful/ungrateful to share a birthday list?
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I don’t see an issue with it, I got so much unwanted stuff for my sons birthday we did specify there would be a wishing well there on the invite but still people bought things. We just went to a first birthday/christening that had a registry, no issues purchasing from that rather than getting them something unwanted!

@Connie what is a wishing well?

Basically just somewhere to put in envelopes with cash :)

@Connie oh okay! I don’t think people would go for that but I’d be happy for them to transfer straight into his bank account

Maybe put suggestions on the invitation to the birthday? Like size x diapers?, size x clothing, shop at x stores and gift cards are appreciated?

I send an Amazon list and tell people that if they would prefer not to but from the list they can buy her clothes. I usually add wording about lack of storage space lol

@Miranda I thought about an Amazon list but honestly I wouldn’t mind if people didn’t buy from there (capitalism) or even if they bought him second hand gifts… I’m trying to be environmentally conscious

I might just write a list to go with the invitation (love the note about storage space lol)

Oh I totally understand that. I just need to make things black and white for my family because they like to disregard my parenting style and limited square footage lol

What about books? We didnt do a party for my LG's 1st birthday but we thought about it and was going to send out the following with invites: One small request if it isnt too hard, please bring a book instead of a gift/card. Whether its Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh, you can sign the book with a note from you. Everytime we read it we will remember & share, a story & memory from someone who cares 😊

I’m starting to gift experiences for my nieces. No crap and we get to spend time together. I’m taking them to Disney on Ice for her bday.

@Rebecca books were definitely going to be on the list but I love the idea of a note on them! He’s been gifted books for birth, 1st birthday, his christening and both xmases so I don’t think it would be too much of an ask ☺️

@Isa I was thinking about experience gift cards but maybe when he’s a little older

I put money in my nephews savings account for his 1st birthday. You could maybe go down that route? I don't think asking for money or specific things is offensive

Thank you all for responding! I was thinking it was entitled but nice to know it’s pragmatic ☺️

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