Need scrapbook inspiration/ideas

I love the idea of those first year memory books but hate that they all include a dad section (single mum) so I’m doing a scrapbook and trying to make it similar. Has anyone made a scrapbook of their baby’s first year? Can I see what you did/included? And best place to get scrapbook supplies?
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What a lovely idea! Also a single mum but I never thought to make one myself. The works are pretty good for craft supplies x

I'm making my own as I want to be able to add pages as time goes on and I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I can't show pictures atm as I'm trapped under my sleeping daughter but I'll send some soon. I did spend a bit of money on the folder as I wanted a decent leather one that will last and I have her name monogrammed on the front. Everything else is done on a budget using felt tips and fine liners, supplies from Ali express, home bargains, b&m etc. I bought white card to use for each page. I am not an artist so it definitely looks homemade but I quite like that. First page is titled hello world and has basic info, name, dob, time born, weight, my age, where we lived, some cute baby quotes, her hospital tags and the photo I used to announce her birth. Then 'on the day I was born'and this has lots of info like what the temperature was, the weather, the price of things, number 1 song and film, monarch & prime minister and also famous people that share her birthday.

I've run out of space so I'll just send photos lol sorry for the essay but I'm obsessed with mine haha

Also, I use freeprints for the photos to do it on a budget

@Nicki this is amazing! Thanks so much for the inspiration xx

@Nicki thank you! Homemade are so much better you can tell how much effort and care you’ve put into it :) thanks for the ideas

No worries at all, I'm glad all the effort is getting put to more use haha

Loving this! My baby has just turned one but I'm determined to start his scrapbook at some point 🤣 have bought one from the works. Some lovely ideas here, I was planning lots of 'first' pages like first meeting grandparents, first trip out, first Halloween etc, first fell walk, first food, first day at nursery, first holiday etc such a lovely thing for them to look at when they're older, I was a second child so nothing like this for me 🤣

I bought two scrapbooks from hobby craft only £5.50 each and they have 40pages, I bought two incase I need extra pages so I might have to have it reminded. But I bought some pens, and wooden letters, I plan on using scrapbook paper to make the pages look full. But I’m hoping to add things that mean stuff to me and my family which is why I went with a scrapbook rather then baby book. I’ll be doing a baby shower page and I’ll be putting in all the paperwork I got throughout my pregnancy. I like the about mum and dad page idea that @Nicki has done and the interesting facts that happened on the day baby was born. I’ll be doing monthly foot and handprints we also have a Polaroid so plan on putting lots of pics from that in. Think about what’s important to you to remember. It doesn’t have to be overly fancy just special to you :)

@Nicki my little girl was born on the 13th of june at kettering lol she was due on the 19th. my birthday is also the 21st of june 😂🥰

@gemma haha how strange! Both me and my daughter were due 21st June but I was a week late and she was almost a week early. I loved the fact that I was experiencing my first pregnancy at exactly the same time as my mum was experiencing her first pregnancy just 40 years apart lol

@Nicki thats so strange lol i love all your ideas, iv also started getting photos from freeprints ready to do my scrapbook. i went to saxbys on the sunday 22nd oct 🤣 x

@gemma no way, how weird! I wonder if we'll ever actually bump into each other somewhere 😂 I love freeprints, such a bargain. I use their photobook service too and it's such good value

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