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I’m so tired of people telling me and my fiancé how much things are going to change (for the worst) when our baby gets here. How hard it’s going to be and that “we will see”. Not to bash any one but this is both of our firstborn. We didn’t have him on accident, we don’t resent each other or hate each other. We discus our goals and what we both want and expect out of one another. We dated for awhile before we even got to this point and have been living with each other for years. Besides the weirdos who are constantly trying to “warn us” we have a great support system as well. We understand things will be different but we are excited & it’s so draining dealing with ppl who push their personal experiences and feelings on to us. Yes things will change and of course not everything goes as planned but it’s so mean to continue to warn ppl of the negatives instead of uplifting them and speaking positive of their new journey.
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I’m sorry to hear you have been subjected to that negativity. Sure relationships can change when a baby comes in to your lives but it’s not always for the worst! The first days are hard as it’s tiring for both parents with the constant night feeds causing disturbed sleep and baby needing a lot of attention overall but this is where team work and your support system come in to play and you help each other which in turn can make a relationship so much stronger also! It sounds like you both have it planned out well and have really thought about it all and and prepared and ready for anything life and this baby throws at you and I’m sure you will both be amazing parents and a strong team for raising the child! Try your best to ignore the negativity and I wish you both the best!

I'm right there with you Gabrielle! My husband and I have been together for 12 years total, 1.5 yrs married and our baby was a planned pregnancy (unlike my siblings who just through caution to the wind!) Yet we are still being told 'you'll be at each others throats within a week after baby's here!' My husband has stood by me during some really difficult times, including my parents and sister trying to pressure us into adopting her 3 kids (I wasn't mentally or financially in the right place and there would be definite manipulation at hand if I had) If you and your partner are confident in your own communication styles, happy together and more excited than nervous for your little ones arrival then you are already a formidable team and fantastic parents. This journey is about you, your partner and your little one, start setting boundaries now to reduce the amount of negative people around you and your bubble. Only you and your husband get to decide on hour this little life affects you.

@Stephanie thank you so much I’d much rather here about the possibility of things going well then going down in flames he’s really a great man and makes me want to be a better woman we aren’t perfect but we learn from one another and try our best and that’s all that matters

@Karen people definitely project there unplanned and poor decision making on others I’m glad your husband stood beside you I know that sometimes looking out for yourself can be seen as selfish but we can’t take care of others if we haven’t gotten our self in a good position to do so ! Congratulations on the wedding as well! And thank you for the kind words !

@Gabrielle they most certainly do! But you know in your heart of hearts that you are going to do the best for your little one and so will their other parent. You will work together to do what's best for the child. They are probably jealous of your relationship and want to project their negativity onto you. Don't let that happen! No one is perfect, you will have wobbles but communication is key and it seems like you have that. I am very blessed with my husband I will admit 🥰 You are doing everything right. Just because they couldn't be mature doesn't mean you will be the same. Thank you, it was a wonderful day! You got this Girl! Hold your head up with pride and let their nasty words just roll right off you.

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