Which cot have you chosen for baby to move into when they can no longer fit in the next2me? And when are you planning to move them/ did you move them?
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I went straight for cot bed. Planning to move her around 6 months

Went from Moses basket to a normal cot at 8 weeks. Never looked back haha

@Liza @Estera did you get the ones that turn into toddler beds for when baby is older? I'm wondering if they would be too big for now even though would make sense as would last longer..

@Amy yeah mine turns into a toddler bed. At first he looked huge in it but he loved all the space as he prefers to spread out when he’s sleeping. Now he’s 19 weeks on Thursday and he looks like a perfect fit in it haha

@Estera thanks that's helpful!

Thanks @Char !

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