What does everyone’s baby sleep in if they sleep in next to me crib bed! Also how old are they. Looking for recommendations
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Love to dream swaddle. Since 5 weeks, currently 7 weeks

2.5tog sleep bag, tried swaddling but she likes to have her arms free she’s 8 weeks x

love to dream swaddle, 8 weeks xx

2.5 tog sleeping back. He is 10 weeks. He’s been in a sleeping bag since about 2 weeks old. He is a right fidget so swaddling just didn’t work for us

Love to Dream Swaddle. Picked it up off Vinted 2nd hand, barely used. Tried a sleeping sack with her arms free but she hated it and constantly startled awake

also using a sleeping bag, he likes to have his arms free x

Love to dream swaddle just gone up to medium size (12 weeks) and I bought the transition bag so arms can be free too xx

2.5tog sleepsack. Chicco air next to me crib

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