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Started our eczema journey at 7 months, he’s now 11 months. It started off as little red patches and now it’s this. It’s been on and off in severity with the use of steroid creams however I can’t keep him on it forever. Currently trying a wheat free diet. Not long until I go back to work, luckily I can go part time but I feel like his eczema is draining our time away that we have together with the constant cream applications, medications, doctors trips, fighting and advocating for him. Anyone else’s baba similar to mine? I will post more pics in the comments too. It’s on his front, back, behind his knees, his groin and creeping into his scalp.
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Poor little chap. I’ve been there and I know what it’s like to feel helpless and to keep fighting with the GP to get to the bottom of it. You said you’re wheat free have you noticed a difference? Just wondering whether he might have more allergies/intolerances. My boy can’t tolerate dairy, eggs, soy or peanuts, it flares his eczema within 24hrs. I did a whole eliminate diet and his skin is cleared up now, aside from small patches on his back. I cut it all out of my diet so he didn’t get it through my milk and the difference was remarkable over the weeks and months. I have coeliac & food intolerances run in my family too. I hope you can find relief for the both of you, message me if you want to talk xx

I’ve been considering these to help- Haven’t tried them myself but they’ve got amazing reviews. Appreciate it’s not fixing the root cause but might provide some comfort 🫶🏻

I have the sleepsuits and long sleeve vests for day time. I don’t know if they work but I feel as my little ones skin is less angry. I haven’t done this myself but I was given advice by another mum with a child who has eczema. NHS GPs try cure the symptoms but do not do prevention. When it really flares up just turn up at the children’s hospital. They got referred to dermatologist straight away and been working with dietitian. My little ones skin is currently better but if it flares up that’s what I will do. Also as others mentioned before try changing his diet. Cut out all allergens first at least two weeks. Then introduce one allergen at the time and wait up to 5 days to see if the eczema got worse or not. Best would be to have the steroid cream cycle at the same time as the limited diet so the skin would be as clear as possible. This way it’s easier to spot flare ups. Also take photos. It’s easier to compare like this. Good luck, I know how stressed you must be. Xx

My mom said I had eczema when I was a baby. Maybe the laundry detergent is too strong? Probably elimination diet would be good too like you mentioned. Oh and oatmeal baths!! Hope baby gets well soon!

This might be contact dermatitis? My baby had it and I had to switch over to everything unscent from laundry, shampoo, lotions etc. using cerave baby lotions

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