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Am 26wks and need to know my baby gender. Must I go for a private scan or will I be told at the next scan?
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Did you not have the option to find out at your 20 wk scan?

Hey did they not tell you at 20 week scan ? Should of been able too

Usually you should have the option at your 20 week scan?

I was not told. And I had to do the 20wks scan twice because they could not see everything during the first scan

They didn’t tell me at 20 weeks scan (each trust have different rules around whether they tell you gender - although most will). But when I asked she took a look. Do you have another NHS scan planned?

@Amina how annoying. Do you have another nhs scan booked? They should be able to tell you then. If not then I guess it would have to be private. Worth asking your midwife perhaps?

I would recommend going for a private scan, as the further along you get the harder it is to tell the gender with baby being bigger/more squished x

My next scan is by 32wks

They can do this at next scan :)

You could always do private so you find out before 32 weeks :)

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