When were you given your C-section date?

I am almost 31 weeks pregnant and I'm wondering when I will be given my date. Also, does this typically happen at the consultant appointment at the hospital? It is my first C-section so I am unsure and anxious about what to expect...
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I’m 34 weeks and still haven’t had mine

I had a consultation scan at 36 + 3 weeks and that’s when my c section got booked in .. they wanted to book in for 39 weeks , my c section is this Friday at 39 + 3

Had a growth scan and consultant app 35+4, told them then I wanted to opt for the section. They said it would be between 38-39 weeks. Got my date the next day for 38+3 x

I wasn't given mine until I was 38+1 weeks

I had a growth scan and consultant appointment at 35+6 and got my date then x

20 weeks I got mine at consultant appointment x

I was given mine at 39+5 🙃

I was given mine on a Friday and my section was the Sunday - I was 38+6

38+2 when I got the phone call and then the date was booked for when I would be 39+2 but baby came the day before x

@Ellen wow! So did it have to be an emergency C section?

Thanks girls! Looks like it varies massively when we're given our dates...

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