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My LO is 8 months and sleep has been very up and down the last few months. He had a phase of sleeping through for about 3 weeks when he was 12 weeks old and then it’s never really been the same since the 4 month regression. We tried a bit of sleep training about a month or two ago (it was just a rough guide based on a plan my friend emailed me. We had to change a lot of it as it was aimed at a younger child who was bottle feeding etc) but it worked really well for getting him to self settle without feeding for naps/bedtime and reduced some night wakes but this has really picked up again recently. I’m sure it’s all related to another regression and he keeps waking up on all 4s rocking, rolling etc. I’ve just downloaded the sleep chief sleep guide for this age as it was half price and would like to give some of it a go. I’ve noticed it’s quite structured and very different to what I’ve been doing with wake windows etc. has anybody got experience using it? Looking for honest reviews-hoping positive! I’d give anything a go right now, really worried about going back to work 😴
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The waking up rocking on all fours sounds like how my babe was when she was about to start crawling? Her sleep improved once she had mastered it but her sleep is always really affected when she's learning new skills xxx

Sorry not answering your actual question btw! But maybe some reassurance/ solidarity 🤷❤️

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