Struggling to settle baby

Today I'm really struggling to settle baby. He's been fed, changed, winded (as far as I can tell) and the only time he stops grumbling is if I'm standing and bouncing him about in my arms. I physically can't keep doing it as he's a heavy boy. I've tried putting him in his rocker chair which helped for about 5 minutes. I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed and emotional- any advice??
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We are having one of these days too! Have you got a baby carrier? I put my boy in that so he can sleep on me whilst I do a few jobs,, or sometimes I’ve been popping him in his cot downstairs and hoovering, strangely the hoover sends him to sleep 😂 If not just pop him down, go make yourself a brew and have a minute.. as long as he’s safe where you pop him down he’ll be fine

Oh my gosh we're having one of those days too! Ours started at 4am this morning. My boy will only settle if on the boob, not drinking but just using it as comfort!

We’ve been having days like this too. They seem really hard and it’s nice to hear that it’s not just us. I second the carrier/wrap idea. We have one of those wrap things and I put my daughter in there and it helps (sometimes).

We’re the same. Been crying every time he’s been awake. Wanting his milk every 2 hrs instead of his usual 3, but then throws it all up and the process starts again! Got a toddler too and I’m feeling overwhelmed already and it’s only the 1st day on my own without help x

Snap! My 5 week old has been like this since the early hours, seems to be going through a regression. The Wonder Weeks app explains it a lot better than I can but apparently it’s normal😅

Looks like a lot of us are having this day!! Managed to do some housework with him in the carrier but he's being a time theif and just wanting to be awake and with me x

@Amy baby carrier is a great idea, I've been putting off using it as I had a c section and didn't want to cause myself any damage but think I'm just gonna have to deal with it!

It's groundhog day in my house. He will not settle until he's being held - soon as I put him down he screams, I'm completely overwhelmed on the daily! It's nice to read I'm not alone in this.

It's ridiculous how much this thread has reassured me that I'm not doing anything wrong. Thank you, everyone :)

Normally a walk settles him well or at least clears my head a little whilst he screams but the weather is so grim today 😔

Been having some days like this too and it's so overwhelming 😓 baby sling usually helps us (but not always). Hang in there 🙏😵‍💫

I had a C-section 4 weeks ago and I’ve started using it this week and seem to have been fine, my boy was weighted last Tuesday and he was 8lb 8oz so he will definitely be over 9lb now

I also had a c-section just over 4 weeks ago and have been using the wrap for just over 2 weeks-ish. The wrap sits higher up on my stomach so it wasn’t sitting anywhere that was tender. 😊

Needed to see this today. My 2 week old has slept for 4 hours in the past 12, she’s overtired and won’t stop crying and whining at everything. All the other days she’s been easy but today has thrown me

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