My LO has been having nightmares for the last 3 nights and he wakes up hysterical and I don’t know why. Not sure if this sounds silly but I’m thinking maybe it’s because he is having more dairy now that he is over 1 years old!? I looked online (I was told this years ago) and it says dairy can cause nightmares. He also just woke up from a nightmare hysterical and he has never ever done that before so now I’m concerned 😞
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lol do we have the same baby? if you think it’s the dairy try cutting back on it to see if that helps. My LO is allergic to dairy so I’m not sure what’s happening on my end.

Are you sure it’s nightmares ?? Could it not be pain with he’s teeth coming in or belly ache ? Xx

My LO did this a few times when teething.

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