Not baby related - what do people do with there birthday cards?

I hate birthday cards 😂 I don’t actually get them for people unless I plan to put a whole speech written in them. I detest simple messages in them! When I receive them, i put them up but after a week they make the house look so cluttered so I’m ready to get rid, then I feel guilty because all I wanna do is bin them and they’re so pretty but I’m not creative enough to repurpose them and I don’t want to store them anywhere..
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Honestly they just go in the bin 🤷🏼‍♀️ if it’s a ‘special’ birthday 18/21/50 then I have a lil memory box we keep things like that in Also keep cards from my husband and we have our own little keepsake box with things in from over the years aswell as cards

Depends on the sentimental value of them. Certain birthdays and people. I kept my grans cards as she does the same unique smiley face when she signs her name and I wanted to get it tattooed so I’ve collected as much as I can. Also, if a family member passes at that time, it’s nice to keep the card. Apart from that I throw them. I have no space for them all.

Also, I was going to save my daughters first birthday cards. But I had a thought, instead of keeping them. I’m going to get a note book and get close family to write a message to my daughter for when she is older.

If the design is nice, I cut them up to use as name tags for gifts I wrap and give to others. I do the same with Christmas cards.

@Amy this seems like a good idea!

I bin them lol. I also tell people they don't have to spent money on a card as they'll go in the bin. I do safe the ones from my husband as his messages are hilarious

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