Anyone else feed that all their baby does is cry, I could do everything for her and it still feels like it’s not good enough!
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My LO was like this for the first 6 weeks. Turned out we needed colief drops to help with digestion and gaviscon for reflux. She's like a different baby now. If LO is crying a lot there is usually a reason if all needs have been met. Have you been to your GP or HV?

Oh sending a big hug, my second was like this for a while. He was on the wrong milk and very overstimulated and tired because of his big bro. It takes time but you will learn your baby. I agree with going and getting some advice, the change in milk was like having a different baby xx

She’s 10 weeks old but was 4 weeks prem, she’s got cmpa and we’ve changed her milk again on Friday, maybe I was hoping it was a quick fix but I’m not gonna lie I’m struggling

I’m having the same struggles — with suspected CMPA. I think I’m two weeks into cutting our dairy of my diet (I’m BF and she hated the formula!) and I’m seeing some improvement. However she is really gassy and uncomfortable still. Just not spitting up AS much. I’m taking her to an osteopath today as several people have recommended it. My daughter was 6 weeks early, spent a month in NICU. I think they can undergo quite a bit of stress during birth in a straightforward circumstance so being early I’m sure doesn’t help. I believe Osteos can help with symptoms of colic, reflux, gas, feeding, etc. I’m yet to see how well it works personally but four separate friends have said it worked for them! I will keep you updated if it helps? Xx

Our LO (7 weeks) was the same until we started infacol for his wind pain. Tried stopping for a week and returned to crying for hours again, so we restarted infacol last week and back to being a different baby! I'm not sure if coincidence but seemed to help him being in less pain xx

@Kayleigh yes please let me know how that goes as anything is worth a try to make her comfortable! It’s awful seeing your baby like that!

@Mills we were using infacol to help with wind before the cmpa diagnoses but then I stopped it, i might see how she does with this new milk and if no better go back to the infacol x

What milk is baby on for cmpa? I'm guessing you was on a hydrolysed milk before now on an amino acid formula? Also you can still use infacol as it doesn't contain milk proteins What are baby's cmpa symptoms as sometimes other things are needed especially for things like reflux which the mill usually makes worse as its so thin

@Emma-louise she’s on nutramigen puramino so the aa based one! So she was rashy, constantly uncomfortable with her tummy and swollen eyes c

We found the swelling went down very quickly for us but usually other symptoms could take a little while Do you think the uncomfortable could be reflux or silent reflux?

@Kayleigh how did you find your osteopath? Are they a baby osteopath or general?

@Emma they’re a baby osteopath. They cover general as well at the clinic but have people who specialise in paediatrics. The appointment itself was quite quick and it looked like she was barely doing anything 🤣. I think it’s because the movements and pressure points they touch are so gentle. My baby seemed really relaxed and calm throughout, so if if that’s the only benefit, I’d pay for 40 minutes of her being calm and relaxed 😂

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