Is anyone else’s 19 month old still not talking? My little one says odd words and understands everything I say to him. He’ll put things back and tidy up after himself. Shakes his head for no and says yes but that’s literally it. Is it normal?
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My one says a bit more than that… nana for banana, bobô for “acabou” (finished in portuguese), this, that… not much more. But i was told he has no other symptoms of anything else, he gives plenty of eye contact and interaction and is improving and learning everyday. He just focus on motor skills right now… i dont know mama every kiddo is different if you are worried i would pay for a speech assessment privately

My 20mo is the same, he probably has 5 words that he’ll say consistently. But he understands everything I say and will do what I ask. He can point things out. As long as he’s babbling and has understanding he’ll get there. Some children are more motor based and if they’re motor skills are strong it will take a little longer for the speech to develop. But it will, don’t panic! You’re doing great!

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