Overnight pressure

Has anyone else been pressured into dad having baby overnight when clearly LO isn’t ready? I’m sick of being guilt tripped
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It's a tough one. Baby will automatically be more bonded with you if he's living at home but dad's that want to be involved should be allowed. Little one just needs to develop a stronger bond with dad and it'll only happen by allowing him to spend time there even if at first he's not full happy about it. He'll get used to it :) You both have rights and should be allowed to spend time with the little one as much as you both want.

🙋 ... My daughter was 2 years and 9 months when I was pressured and caved. But my son is only 6 months and I won't be pressured yet.. not sure how things will go as he ages. I'm not sure what the obsession with overnight is.. you can have such a lovely bonding time with a child in the day. Nights are the worst! 😂 X

@Rebekah we live 4hrs away from dad so it’s hard for him to just take him for the day for example, we do weekends where I stay at his with our son or vice versa. I’m worried as baby co sleeps with me 😭

I'm not sure how to respond directly. I get the fear. He's your baby but if you trust dad and he will look after your son then I really recommend you at least try, it's only fair on dad. Cosleeping will cause attachment issues which can be equally unhealthy so it'll be best for baby to get mummy time but to also understand that mummy gets space too

@Rose my son is nearly 15m and we co sleep that’s where my issues lie as he’s so dependant on me for sleep!! Exactly, I don’t get why the desperation it’s not like you can spend time with the child overnight if they’re asleep 🤷🏻‍♀️

What makes you say little one clearly isn’t ready? If it’s just the cosleeping then he can also cosleep with his dad? Also you’d be surprised what kids will be able to adjust to. LO should be allowed to the opportunity to get comfortable with dad…

@J it’s just because he’s never been without me overnight, only on 2 occasions so I’m very anxious. Dad has said he won’t co sleep. So what else will he do leave our son to cry? We live 4hrs away, I’m just very very anxious

It’s not fair to your son or his dad for you to let your anxiety to get in the way of his dad, being a dad and them developing a relationship. The options are not cosleeping or cry it out, there are many inbetweens.. you can ask for the reassurance as to what dad is planning to do, but also he doesn’t have to give it to you. I know it’s difficult, especially where your anxiety is concerned but you have not indicated anything to say that your child is at risk so dad should be given a proper chance. You can also ask dad to FaceTime you whilst baby is over there, but again he doesn’t have to do that, the more you work on your coparenting relationship, the easier these type of things will become

Message me I can’t message you you’re anonymous xxxx

My babies dad isn’t involved but she’s the same age and we co sleep for half the night. She’s having her first sleep over at my mums on Saturday which I’ve been putting off for months for the same reasons. If you message me so I know who you are I can let you know how it goes as she won’t be co sleeping with my mum x

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