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Hello everyone! I have received the confirmation of my tax free childcare account, I was asked to make a deposit into the account so that the government can make a contribution? I am unsure of how this works? Any idea please?
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Hey u have to put in 20% of the actual amount and they will top up

I thought I’d get 15hrs a week free?

Tax free childcare and the 15 hours are different things. You use your tax free childcare account to pay your provider, you pay in say 800 and then your account balance is topped up by 200 to make the 20%. The 15 hours free is what you need the code for, give this to the provider for them to amend your fees to accommodate the free hours and I guess claim back the money from the government.

So all I need to do is give the nursery my code and they will be able to sort it?

Yes, they will delete you know if you need to do anything else with it. I would consider your childcare account to pay them though, the government tops up your balance by up to 2k a year, which is an additional benefit to the free hours.

Thank you I will do 💓

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