Anyone else’s baby refuse to stay on their back anymore 🤣

Literally 0.2 seconds after putting him on his back he turns 🤣 and then gets so annoyed because he can’t understand how to turn back yet 🫢
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Omg, saaammeee!! I’m trying everything to get him to integrate his landau reflex so he can roll over! He loves being on his belly but gets frustrated that he gets stuck!

Yes!!! Constant squealing because he can’t get back and then when he is on his back rolls straight back to his front 😅

@Toni it’s like constantly turning a rotisserie chicken 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Sofia yeah! He keeps doing this thing (like in the photo) where he puts his arms back so he flops like a fish but the moment I put a toy in front of him he’s still 🤣

All the time

Mine rolls both ways now and just rolls around the living room all the time. Won’t stay still! At night she instantly rolls onto her front when we put her down

Yes! My baby screams within 15 seconds of being on her front and will not even attempt to roll onto her back! She just lays screaming with her arms out behind her!

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