I have returned to work 2 weeks ago (I am 11 weeks post partum). I am a registered nurse, and I am worried I have injured my neck and or back/shoulder on the right side. Are there Mamas out there who are breastfeeding and/or a nurse where they have developed pain just solely from holding and feeding your little one? Because I find the timing of it too coincidental.
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I definitely had back pain especially in the early days. I found laying down breastfeeding a game changer. Everyone is comfy and it allows you to be in a nice position and save your poor old back

Yes all the time, by the end of the day I feel like a bus has ran me over 😭 and I'm not back to work. My baby is 6.5kgs and he's only 9 weeks. I think it has to also be the epidural/spinal block that has to heal with time... Just try to take it easy at work and always get comfy with baby when feeding.

Thanks for your responses. I think I'm just concerned because for the 8 weeks I had with him (breastfeeding/carrying/holding) before going to work my neck was fine, and now it's not. So, something has changed.

You are potentially carrying tension since starting back at work and the way you are feeding is exacerbating it. Try to feed in the most relaxed/supported position you can with pillows and a comfy couch. Maybe look up exercises to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders so you can at least rule out one way or another and go from there! 😊

Yep 100% bub is 9m and 9.5kg and I hurt my shoulders and neck every other week. I actually use the pram to push her round the house some days lol when she will let me

I definitely had neck pain/a stiff neck and sometimes lower back pain from holding bubba. Is definitely possible. If you are unsure, maybe it might be worth reporting in case it is a work-related injury? I find it’s also quite easy to injure yourself at work, especially if you are tired.

I had to have my physio work on me in the months following #1 due to issues from BF & always slouching over the baby.

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