Is this normal?

Hi mums! I’m a first time mum so forgive me for asking…my baby is 5 weeks old and is formula fed. We have been feeding him the same formula since day one and the first 3-4 weeks he has always been pooping 4-5 times a day almost immediately after he feeds. This week however, he started pooping only once or twice a day, usually in the morning after his overnight sleep. The rest of the day he is producing many wet nappies (8+). His morning poop fills up an entire nappy though…so there’s a lot of it. Is this normal? He is pretty gassy throughout the day as well and likes it when we keep his tummy warm / have him up against our body. Could it be we are not feeding him enough?
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I’m kinda in the same boat, my baby is 8 weeks old and is only pooping once every 2-3 days but is very gassy!

Also in the same boat! I believe babies tend to poo a lot more in the early stages of life and it becomes less as they get older. I’m no expert (also a first time mum) but I would say that sounds normal and similar to my Bub (7 weeks old) 😊

Hey mums. It's normal. As long as they keep passing gas you are fine. I was combo feeding my son who is going to be 4 months tmrw. He was only going every other day but its alright. I recommend a lot of belly massages. As long as they keep passing wind and they wet nappies are still good. They can go up to 5 days without going

Formula fed babies can go several days without having a poo so I wouldn't worry unless baby starts to become constipated. Be careful if you go down the route of Infacol for the gas as it can cause constipation. Talking from experience. It was heartbreaking to watch

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