Early labour?

I’m 36 weeks. So last night at 3.30 in the morning I woke up in agony with pain at the top of my stomach just under my ribs all the way across not just one sided. I also had diarrhoea and threw up twice. I was in absolute agony couldn’t even sit still and then got a bit of backache. This was continuous for an hour and didn’t come and go and then after an hour completely went and I felt normal again. I’ve not lost mucus plug or waters. I’ve never felt pain like it, it was excruciating. I was thinking maybe bit of a bug but surely not just for an hour? Has anyone ever experienced this?
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I’ve been getting that for a few days always seems 2 be at night mine feels like a burning feeling it’s so painful I’ve also been getting quite a lot more discharge aswell x

@Sarah it was absolute agony, it’s my second baby and it was wayyy worse than labour pains with my first. No idea what it was 😫x

Also had something similar last week at 34 weeks, assumed it was false labour pains or even constipation but am now unwell so who knows. Realise that was probably tmi and didn't actually help you at all.

Same here this is also my second pregnancy and it’s been a lot worse in every way so far 😩 I’m not sure what it is as I can’t remember having it with my daughter and pretty sure I would remember it x

Sounds to me like gallstones, not labour! Let your doctor know and get some tests done! It’s a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and something I’ll never forget!

I would call triage for examination doesn't sound right at all as if contractions it would come and go

I had this at 23 weeks. I was vomited for a few hours and then it completely stopped. I ended up going to hospital with a high heart rate and when they did my bloods they found my infection markers were elevated and it was likely a bug or mild food poisoning. Everything has been fine since then. If it continues, I’d contact your midwife. If you have an appt soon maybe see if you can request bloods to double check?

I had this Sunday night but without any diarrhoea but was sick once I called triage and ended up in A&E for 5 hours to be told it could be gallstones but they couldn’t do anything about it until baby is born. I was in agony at the time but by the time I got to hospital it died down. They said there’s nothing can do. It’s horrible though I couldn’t stand up sit down move or do anything so I know how you feel. I would mention it to your midwife or doctor just to get your blood pressure and things checked over.

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