Does anyone feel less fond of their pets all the sudden?

I have two cats and love them SO much, honestly they are like children to me. But suddenly today I feel this weird aversion to them and very sensitive to the smell which is suddenly so gross and amplifying my nausea. I kind of don’t want to be around them and they’re annoying me a bit. Is anyone else experiencing this?? It makes me feel like a bad pet-mum! I’m sure it wear off but keen to hear if others are finding this too.
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Yess oh my god I was insanely obsessed with my sisters cat and cats in general until I got pregnant, started off as an aversion to their smell etc, and now that I have a child of my own I simply don’t like pets at all anymore 😭 Like, my baby is cuter than you go away 😭

I've not got an aversion to them but I'm feeling very touched out and just don't want cuddles with them. Feel very guilty

So glad it’s not just me!! It’s happened so suddenly, very weird. And I feel guilty too. I really hope it wears off soon

Yes!! I have 3 dogs, I’ve been a fur mum for 6 years now! I love them all so very much but just recently they’re grating on me! They can obviously sense my hormones and want to be under my skin even more so than before, but they’re irritating me. It’s almost feeling like a chore to stroke them etc & I can’t deal with the smell of things 😫😫 I’m glad I’m not on my own with this!!

Yes , my dogs are doing my head in 🤣🙈

I will never stop loving my dog but my goodness I feel like I’ve just realised how bad he smells right now!!!! 🤣

I love my puppy but his natural scent smells awful to me right now. He doesn’t smell bad just it’s bad to me. Also I’m more sensitive and because he’s 6 months old he likes to “f*ck around and find out” and it tests my patience for sure.

Omg I could’ve written this post I feel so similar about my kittens and feel awful 😞 I’m glad I’m not the only one. I expect it’s very natural and common and our body’s way of trying to keep us safe from germs?!

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