Feeling defeated.

I thought we’d got through the sleep regression. Two months of hourly wake-ups and shitty naps, then a couple of weeks ago we finally turned a corner! Baby boy was back to sleeping through the night (the odd wake-up for a cuddle but nothing major) and napping well like he used to. Hahaha. No. Yesterday we were up at 3:30 for the day after a crappy night’s sleep. Then last night we were awake every hour/hour and a half. Up for the day at 5am and he’s done nothing but cry and whinge even after having a nap. Doesn’t want to play, cuddle, or drink his milk. I’m all out of ideas. We’re 9 months in but I feel as useless as I did when he was a newborn and I didn’t know what to do. I just want to curl up in a ball and sob.
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Yep! I’m here with you mama! We had a hell of a time between 4-8 months and then we cracked it and he was up for a feed once at 3ish… until the past few days when it’s gone back to every 2 hours and an hour to get him down. I was close to tears last night. Just remember baby sleep is ebbs and flows and this blip isn’t forever. I know it feels never ending!

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