Potty training dilemma

I have been potty training my daughter for a few weeks now but struggle to find consistently as I work full time and my days off are not always together. Most often than not, she is able to tell me when she needs to pee and uses the potty herself. She was doing the same to poo but now refuses to poo in the potty and keeps asking for a nappy. Once I get it right at home, I want to start taking her out, but cant fathom what I would do if we are down the middle of the high street and she needs to pee. Do I just whack out the carry potty and let her do her business?? 🤷🏼‍♀️😄 Any advice or what worked for you would be helpful! Thanks xx
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Yes just whack it out, I find somewhere a bit sheltered. Never go back to a nappy excluding sleeping x

I always thought this as well when I was in the midst of potty training. But I quickly learned that toddlers learn to hold their wee in for longer periods as the weeks go by. I get my daughter to pee before we leave the house and then she doesn’t need to go again for hours and hours. I just keep a potty in the car, but there’s always toilets when out and about. And in a real emergency I would just let her pee anywhere outside (where people won’t step in it of course) xx

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