Powder Formula constipation

Hi everyone, my nephew seems to be getting constipation from powdered formula, but it's ok on ready made formula. They tried couple powdered formula brands aptamil and hipp organic. I'm looking for similar experiences and how to improve on this as ready made formula is more expensive. They have a pediatrician appointment booked already. Tia
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Formula fed babies don't poop as much as breast fed babies but if your little one is struggling then use a premade for a day or two as the premades act like a laxative, so they will relieve some discomfort for baby and should flush them out

My LO struggled with pooing for the first few weeks. She’d go sometimes 5 days without going. We didn’t know that it’s more about the consistency rather than frequency so as long as they’re not in pain, poo isn’t hard when comes out they should get the hang of it. My LO now goes everyday sometimes twice. If they’re worried take them to the GP and see if they have a milk protein intolerance

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