Baby won’t stay on back!

Hi all, my baby has started refusing staying on her back during naps/ bedtime (anytime really)! When it’s bedtime, she’ll cry and scream until we let her be on her belly and then she falls asleep on her face immediately( sometimes she screams as gets stuck in an uncomfy position) then we have to turn her around and she wakes up and the whole cycle starts again. Worth mentioning she’s also still in her snuzpod- next to me. I don’t know what to do and am exhausted from watching her all night 😩
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Same! No matter how many times I reposition her onto her back, she’ll instantly flop back onto her side/tummy. I find I disrupt her sleep so much by doing this, and eventually it wakes her up enough so then she doesn’t go back to sleep at all 😩 I’ve spoken to my health visitor about this and I was told to put her onto her back still… but do I really have to do this all night?! When they can roll front to back it’s okay I’ve been told… she can’t yet do this (only back to front) so it’s a constant worry. Mine also will squish her face into the crib mattress. I’m thinking of transferring her into her cot this weekend, it has a Purflo breathable mattress so I can atleast relax a little. 🥴 I’ve also posted about this before and it turns out a lot of babies are doing the same. I think it’s just one of those things- they’re at the age now where they’re going to explore new positions.

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