Moving hands while sleeping

Anyone else’s baby moves their hands a lot during sleep that they wake themselves up? Does anyone have any tip for this? As she is moving so much that ends up waking herself up. Tried swaddling but she hates it. Thank you
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Sound like Moro startle reflex… quite common in babies. Exact same issue- wakes herself up with her hands and my little one isn’t a big fan of swaddles either so I have to wait until she’s in a deep sleep to swaddle her. She has started rolling so I don’t think I’ll be able to swaddle for much longer- hoping she grows out of moving her arms a lot😩

Little one was the same, hated swaddles. We bought the love to dream sleep bags and they’re great, really helped tame the Moro reflex. They’re a bit pricey but worth it if it keeps her asleep for longer

@Trish how do you know how to pick the right size?

@Trish could you share a link please! And ditto to Roxana’s question how do you know which size? X

My girls the same, at the moment I just grab her hand gentle and rhythmically rub it with mine until she sleeps. Sometimes her dummy works, it falls out gently when she’s asleep

The bags work by pounds, so if you know how much your LO weighs then go by that. I would say size up for longevity. You can also get the tog by the temp of the room your LO sleeps in - you can also find them on Amazon ☺️ hope you get on with it!

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