Should I complain or leave it be?

My fiance goes to school an hour away. We live in the mountains. It’s currently raining and the weather says it’ll snow from 7am-10am. Where his school is the weather says it’s just raining all day. His instructor told him that he’ll text everyone to stay home if it’s bad and we never got a text(our car isn’t 4 wheel drive either). Should I call the school when they open and complain or leave it alone?
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Your adult fiancé? 1) Why would you complain on their behalf? They’re not a child. 2) They don’t need their instructor to make a decision for them either. If it ends up snowing loads then they can contact their instructor and say that the roads in their location aren’t safe yet so they’ll be late/absent. Or am I missing something? Sorry if I am. But if they’re an adult with full capacity then don’t start contacting their school on their behalf like you’re their mum.

Ditto what Naomi said

I understand that you may be worried about his safety that’s very sweet but I wouldn’t complain just leave it he’ll know if it’s not a good idea to take that drive

He ended up taking his dad’s truck and it’s snowing where the school is. I didn’t call to complain

Did he call and make sure that the campus is open? Because that seems like it would be easy enough if they felt it was unsafe they would cancel classes or give him other options

@Shayne the teacher told them that if they weren’t able to get to school that they can do school online. The school was open

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