Baby chewing on tongue

My 5 month old seems to be constantly chewing on his tongue. Is this normal?
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I’m not sure about normal but my son is 5 months old and has recently got his 2 bottom teeth. I just thought it would be part of his teething and him kinda practicing chewing because he’s been used to sucking for the past 5 months. So he’s practicing and learning the difference was what I kinda guessed x

My 5 month old has been doing this also and only started last couple of days! I didn’t know if it was all part of teething 🤷🏼‍♀️ but no idea! I’m a first time Mum xx

Yeahh my daughter has been doing the same on and off. She's taking so much interest in us when we eat and drink too and when we do she copies us chewing 😆

Mine was doing this and then a tooth popped out today

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